Joint Ventures

Forming alliances with other businesses can be a very lucrative arrangement.  Joining forces will allow both businesses to strengthen there commercial position and enjoy joint benefits but also shared risks.  Our experienced team can provide you with clear advice on which is the best structure for your joint venture, aid in the drafting of all relevant documentation and give advice as to the potential benefits and risks.  We take a personal approach to your business and you can feel assured that we will provide a smooth, cost effective and clear service in the creation of your business collaboration.

Banking & Finance

Financing your business effectively is an essential component in the success of your business.  We provide a client focused approach with clear and practical advice on all areas regarding the finances of your business.  Our commercial team is experienced in dealing with financing solutions such as:

  • Re- financing
  • Development finance
  • Acquisition finance
  • Project finance
  • Asset finance

Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets to your business, it is our aim to help you grow your intellectual property in value and protect it.  Our team can provide clear advice as to how best to achieve the goals of your business through your intellectual property.  Intellectual property can be a complex area of law but through our practical business advice we can reassure you as to the security of your asset and handle all the formalities involved, allowing you to reap the benefits of a valuable intellectual property profile.

Shareholders Agreements

Shareholders agreements are quite common place in the business world. They are essential in protecting the interests of minority shareholders in a business and in establishing the rules surrounding the core running of the business. Our team can advise on and draft your shareholder agreement or review an existing one to ensure it is up to date reflecting changes in your business and that the interests of the shareholders are protected.

Other types of contracts. Our dedicated commercial lawyers are experienced in a wide range of commercial agreements including:

  • Long term supply agreements
  • Agency and distribution agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Lease and hire purchase
  • Terms and conditions of sale/purchase
Company Information
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